[Narendra Modi or Nitish Kumar!] Who will next PM of India 2024? Memes on Lok Sabha Results

ECI declared Lok Sabha Results 2024 at https://results.eci.gov.in/. And now every voter of India asking about Who will be Next Prime Minister of India? As BJP itself not won the magic figure of 272 seats in Lok Sabha Elections. So, individually Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) can not make the government. So, BJP needs help from other parties from their alliance i.e National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

Now a name coming from Bihar for Next PM i.e Nitish Kumar who is become the new kingmaker in India. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is likely to play a major role in making NDA government in India. As we all know that Nitish Kumar, who has a history of changing sides at key moments.

Who will next PM of India 2024?

As per Lok Sabha Election Results 2024, next government is of NDA which will be lead by Narendra Modi. But many people taking about Bihar CM Nitish Kumar for Next PM in India. As BJP can’t afford to loss Nitish Kumar from their alliance. As if Nitish Kumar joined INDIA alliance then it becomes very difficult for BJP to make their government for third time in India.

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Memes on Lok Sabha Results 2024

Narendra Modi or Nitish Kumar! Who will next PM?

A large number of supporter of Nitish Kumar are taking to make Nitish Kumar as Next PM of India. But as we all know that as per election results, BJP will made their PM and it will be again Narendra Modi.

Disclaimer – This post is written only as per trends after Lok Sabha Election Results 2024. We are not confirming that Nitish Kumar or Narendra Modi will become Next PM of India. The Next PM of India will be decided only after government forms.

As now BJP is now at the mercy of Nitish Kumar and Chandrababu Naidu. As What if INDIA alliance offers PM post to either of them, can they shift?

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